Give Back to PTA

Six Blades Jiu-Jitsu Fort Worth believes in working together with our students to support programs and organizations that improve the quality of life in the community we serve. We believe that PTA is essential to make our children, schools and community stronger. Also, we often receive new students referred by the PTA, or as a result of marketing actions carried out in schools. As a result, we give back to the PTA.

What we give?

We donate $ 50 for each student referred by the PTA. We also have specifics actions giving our time to schools around us, teaching jiu-jitsu and antibullying training.


How we give back?

1 – The new student indicates on the enrollment he has heard about our jiu-jitsu program through the PTA.

2 – After the first month, we send a $ 50.00 Check to the PTA.

That Simple.