We want to raise self-confident kids.  I a simple  searching on internet you will find alot of tips like “Things You Can Do Right Now To Build a Child’s Confidence”. Of course, parents who are committed to their children’s education  can find a lot of useful information and this is probably why you arrived at this post.

As parents, it is our job to encourage and support our children to have self-confidence, but there is not a simple recipe for it. That’s why instead of giving you extra tips on how to boost your child confidence, we would like to show you a little bit of how we do it in our jiu-jitsu School in Fort Worth-TX. I hope this can inspire you.

But before watching the video below, I would like to share a quote from Renzo Gracie, which, in the most direct way possible, speaks of the greatest benefit of martial arts for children:

“We are not in the business of selling martial arts. We are in the business of selling confidence. We are in the business of transforming souls to make them shine.” Renzo Gracie

I think this quote sums up a lot of what our child program is. Of course, we create champions in the sport, after all we teach high-level jiu-jitsu and we do not underestimate the ability of our children to learn even advanced techniques. They have to work hard, be disciplined, and do their best. However, the most important thing we have to offer is to change their lives through self-confidence.

We hold camps in Fort Worth-TX with children aged 5-11 yo, where we work on jiu-jitsu techniques and anti-bullying training while bringing a lot of fun with games and Nerf war. But our main goal is: to boost our children’s self-confidence. Check this out:

It is impossible to put everything we work with the children on a video or photos, but we are proud to see our children’s behavior changing in a very short time, whether in camps or on the regular program. It is really impressive to see how the kids’ confidence grows after they start looking in the eye despite fear, discomfort, insecurity, and be able to say “stop, I don’t like this”.

Usually, the children arrives suspicious or afraid at first. They are arriving in a new environment, with people they don’t know, to practice a fight they don’t master (yet). They do not eat to disappoint their parents.

 In addition to training, and talks with the kids, on the camps we give them the book Way of the Warrior Kid: From Wimpy to Warrior the Navy SEAL Way: A Novel. by Jocko Willink,  with homework that guides children to:

  • recognize their value and achievement;
  • Encourage them to express their feelings;
  • Help them overcome the fear of failure;
  • Teach them how to set and achieve goals.

I could stay here enumerating several other things, but I will never come up with an exhaustive list of what to do to give self-confidence to your children.

However, although there is no single correct answer it’s always better the parents have help on this hard task. It’s a great pleasure to be here to help. All of our actions just add up to the parents’ effort and together we have strong and self-confident children.

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