Are you nervous to start jiu-jitsu?

 You are not alone! A lot of students have expressed feeling nervous when they started. It takes courage and humility to start something new and to put yourself in the beginner’ shoes by trying to learn a new sport.

Often people feel that they will not be able to keep up in class or that they will look silly or goofy. These feelings are totally normal, especially because jiu-jitsu uses natural mobility that is different from traditional “fitness” movements, and will expose you to failure all the time. But, trust me, the feeling you will have when you start to training worth it.

How does our jiu-jitsu program work for beginners?

To help you feel comfortable and safe, we offer a free intro class in our jiu-jitsu school in Fort Worth. It’s a collective class that works in 3 moments: warm-up, technique, and sparring.

In the moment of the sparring, the coach or a higher belt will work with you separately to give you a glimpse of what BJJ is. He will show you the objectives of the game, how to count the points, and all the necessary support you need to practice it safely in your age and level.

After you sign up and became a member, you can schedule a free private class with the coach. It’s 30 minutes long where the coach will meet you better, understand your goals, show you techniques that works better in your physical type, and answer your questions.

Since the beginning, you are ready to attend our fundamentals and all-levels classes. You can choose what works better on your schedule. In both, you will see students of all levels/belts.

The basic difference between the two programs is that at Fundamentals the class is more focused on the basic structures of jiu-jitsu, and sparring is actually more specific training based on the position taught. At all levels, the class is a little faster and sparring is free.

Sparring is not mandatory, but it is an important step for your growth. Our teaching method covers 3 steps: watch, repeat, and action. And by action we mean: try to do what you have learned in a real pressure situation. In other words, in sparring. So take your time and start as soon as you feel comfortable.

Feeling nervous before starting a new activity is normal. We make a point of creating a safe and friendly environment for you to start your journey in jiu-jitsu. From the beginning, you will realize that here we become a strong community through jiu-jitsu.

Schedule your free trial class here, and welcome to our family.

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