Are you training as hard as you can, but you aren’t having good results in BJJ Tournaments? You should try to change your strategy and have a plan. 

Most parts of the BJJ schools have the same mistake: they teach only positions.

Yes, you read right. To learn positions are not enough when we are talking about jiu-jitsu. It doesn’t matter how amazing are the positions are. If it’s loose, with no connection to anything, it will not help you.

Maybe one day you will be lucky enough to find yourself in a favorable situation and remember the details to apply the position. But that is counting on luck, and it isn’t a good strategy for jiu-jitsu athletes.

I always teach my students that there is no point in teaching a position if I don’t teach you how to get there. If I don’t teach you the path to arrive in that position.

I teach a common path for all my students: The jiu-jitsu fundaments that make a strong fighter. But I also draw a specific plan for each one of my students individually, observing their specific characteristics, goals, background, age, weight.

This path is a plan for you to impose your game without counting luck. Of course, you can’t control everything. There are many other points that must be considered and worked on to build a good athlete. But it all starts with a plan.

Count on me to create your plan, and then just enjoy the process, and follow the plan.

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