Are you considering to start training Brazilian jiu-jitsu in Fort Worth, Texas? Here we have what you should expect in your first jiu-jitsu class at Ribeiro Jiu-jitsu North Texas.

Your First Jiu-jitsu Class

You’ll probably want to show up a couple of minutes early to introduce yourself to the instructor and check out the school (if you haven’t visited already), and also sign the waiver.

Before class starts, you’ll have a chance to get dressed, greet the instructors and fellow students, and stretch out on the mats.

What to Wear on your First Jiu-jitsu Class

For your trial class, you can wear regular workout clothes. We will provide a Gi to lend you. If you already have one, you can use it, of course.

We also require a rash guard (or any t-shirt) under Gi, for hygiene purposes.

Some people, especially women, like to wear shorts or gym pants under Gi’s pants to be more comfortable. It’s up to you.

When you became a member, you need to buy your Gi. We sell Gi at our school, but it’s not mandatory to buy our Gi. You can buy your favorite brand (white or blue), and just buy a patch with us. Uniform is mandatory.

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Make sure your finger and toe nails are well-groomed. If you have long hair, you’ll want to put it up in a ponytail or bun during class. You should also remove any jewelry and piercings to prevent injuries.You should also remove any piercings to prevent injuries.

Line up Formation

We have a lineup Formation at the beginning and the end of every class. Higher ranking students on the right and lower ranking students on the left, on lines of 7 students each.

If you’re late, ask permission to enter on the mat. Also, ask permission if you need to leave the mat for any reason.


We do general warm-ups and also specifics warm-ups. Don’t worry if you don’t get the exercises correct at first—no one does on their first day, and some of them take a little practice. Just give it your best try and the instructor or a higher belt will make sure you learn to do it right.


After warm-ups, the coach will teach the technique of the day and after you’ll be partnered with someone and go to your own section of the mats to repeat the lesson.


In the “Porrada time” (how we call sparring time since it’s how it is in Portuguese) we will make a line from higher to lower belt and the students choose the partner for the next round.

At the beginning of each round, you’ll start facing your partner. When you’re both ready shake hands and start to “roll”: try out your techniques, stopping whenever one of you taps and restarting until the end of the timed rounds.

Don’t worry, if it’s your first jiu-jitsu class, in the moment of the sparring the coach or a higher belt will work with you separately to give you a glimpse of what BJJ is. He will show you the objectives of the game, how to count the points, and give you all the necessary support you need to practice BJJ safely in your age and level.

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The normal way you signal submission in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is to tap your opponent three times. When you tap, make sure you do it hard enough that your partner can feel it; or tap yourself or the mat where they can see and/or hear it; or verbally tap by saying “Tap!”; or loudly tap the mat with your foot so they can hear it.

Likewise, be aware of your training partner tapping and stop whatever you are doing when he does so.

Tapping is just part of training and there is no shame in it. Don’t worry about winning or losing. Just try the techniques you’ve learned to the best of your ability and tap when you need to, ideally before it hurts.

After Class

With class over, you might have more questions, now you’ve trained for the first time. If you enjoyed the class and want to continue training, you can go to the office or front desk discuss prices and set up a schedule.

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