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Why should you include Jiu-Jitsu in your life?

Why should you include Jiu-Jitsu in your life? I could talk about physical activity, weight loss, fitness gain, and so on.  But the truth is that the direction in which the world is walking, bullying, shootings, robberies, rapes, sexual and moral harassment, the main reason is: you need to be ready.

I’m not saying that Jiu-Jitsu practitioners are free of these threats.  But I need you to understand that in adverse situations, sometimes, or almost always, you have only your hands, your emotional intelligence, and your previous knowledge to help you.

Jiu-jitsu teaches you how to react in the midst of an attack, pressure, or turbulent moment. And I’m not talking about fighting.
BJJ gives you the power to keep calm, control yourself, and choose better what to do.
Sometimes you need to act, but sometimes you need just to control the situation without using your hands, only with confidence and self-control.
Be ready to react! No matter who you are: a woman, man, or child. Be strong physically and emotionally.  Be able to analyze a situation by reacting, controlling, or just comforting. But BE READY.

I teach confidence, and also Jiu-Jitsu.

Join us today.

Leo Marra

Leonel Marra is the head coach at Six Blades Jiu-Jitsu Fort Worth, and Black Belt 4th Degree under Xande Ribeiro with more than 20 years of experience training, competing, and teaching the gentle art. He is also a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education and is post-graduated in physiology and kinesiology.